Buy Student Health Insurance

Georgia State University offers health insurance to two primary groups of students, Mandatory and Non-Mandatory (Voluntary). Those students in the mandatory group are required to carry health insurance coverage during their program of study at GSU. Mandatory students will be automatically enrolled in the United Healthcare Student Health Insurance Plan and charged for the insurance on their student account. If mandatory students are currently covered by an insurance plan (i.e. parent’s plan, individual plan, or family plan), they may waive out of the mandatory insurance and receive a credit on their student account.

Non-mandatory students or students that are not eligible for the mandatory plan may purchase student health insurance as part of the voluntary enrollment process with United Healthcare and pay directly to United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR).

Other students that may require student health insurance are students participating in Optional Practical Training (OPT) and Visiting Scholars.


Mandatory Students

Non-Mandatory Students

Optional Practical Training Students

Visiting Scholars