Victim/Witness Services

Your Rights As A Victim

It is the policy of the Georgia State University Police Department that victims of crimes be treated with dignity, compassion and respect in accordance to state law.

The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office and the Fulton County Solicitor’s Office are the agencies primarily responsible for the delivery of victim and Witness services in Fulton County. The Georgia State University Police Department’s primary role in the delivery of victim and witness services is as a first responder. As a first responder and during the preliminary and follow up investigations, officers are equipped to provide victims of crime with a copy of the Georgia State University Police Department’s “Your Right as a Victim” pamphlet detailing the rights listed below and also providing additional points of contact for needed services.

In this regard the Police Department recognize that victims of crimes have a right to…

  • An explanation of the criminal justice processes.
  • Notification if an arrest is made in their case.
  • Be informed by Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office of their role in any proceedings.
  • Be notified of court dates and of court date cancellations
  • Have stolen or personal property being held as evidence returned as soon as possible
  • Be informed of financial assistance available and assistance in filing under the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.
  • Be informed of the outcome or verdict of their case
  • Have information concerning the impact of the crime and their lives presented to the court at sentencing.
  • Be informed of the type and length of sentence and of any impending release of the offender.
  • Be referred to any local or state agency, counselors or other appropriate agency in aiding them in their recovery from the crime, or other personal issues which are a result of the crime.

Additional Telephone Number You Should Know

Fulton County Jail (inmate information) (404)613-2000
Fulton County Solicitor’s Office (404)612-4800
Magistrate Court (404)612-5045
Warrant Office (404)612-4752
Victim Assistance (404)612-6883
Fulton County District Attorney’s Office (404)612-4980
Victim Assistance (404)612-4986
Governor’s Victim Assistance Help Line (800)338-6745
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
Victim Compensation (404)559-4949
TDD (404)559-4177