Play It Safe At GSU!

Avoid potentially dangerous situations by maintaining a complete sense of awareness. Planning ahead for responses to such situations allow one to remain confident while traveling around campus, home or any location. For any situation, it is important to consider prevention, preparation and action.


Avoid becoming a target

People unknowingly engage in activities every day that make them more vulnerable to crime. Make yourself less of a potential target by incorporating some simple actions.

  • Travel on well-lit, busy streets and avoid walking through alleys.
  • Always trust your intuition and pay attention to warning signs, such as people watching you or quickly approaching.
  • Maintain complete awareness of your surroundings. Do not become distracted by using your cell phone or listening to your iPod while walking.
  • Do not walk alone, especially at night.
  • Only take what you absolutely need with you when going out. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash or multiple credit cards. Use backpacks to conceal laptop computers.
  • Remain confident, alert and in control. Avoid going out or walking home while intoxicated.

Utilize the Safety Escort Program

Safety Escort Program offers mobile transport to campus and near off-campus locations during evening hours. Safety Escorts operate during the school year from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m. when school is in session.

To request a Safety Escort:

  • Call 404-413-2100 from any campus or near off-campus location.
  • Call 3-2100 from any campus phone.
  • Make your request via an Emergency Call Box.
  • Flag down a Georgia State University Safety Escort van or Georgia State University police officer.

Be cautious at ATMs

  • Use machines in busy areas that are well lit.
  • Pay attention to those behind you and around you before making a transaction.
  • Be private about your personal identification number.
  • Never write your personal identification number on your card.
  • Remove your card from the machine when your transaction is complete.
  • Pressing 911 into the machine does NOT alert authorities to an emergency.


Knowing how to respond to a potentially dangerous situation is just as important as knowing how to avoid one. Often, criminals catch victims off guard, allowing victims very little time to react. Thinking ahead about your response to such a situation and having a planned and practiced response will allow you to remain calm and focused.

Carry a personal safety device

  • Carry a safety whistle or other noise-making device and use it when you feel threatened. Noise attracts the attention of those nearby. Although yelling is often the most effective method of attracting attention, people often lack the ability to verbalize in crisis situations. Anyone can blow a whistle.

Know where to go in an emergency

  • Become familiar with the locations of Emergency Call Boxes.
  • Emergency Call Boxes provide a direct link to Georgia State University Police 24 hours a day.

Attend a self-defense class or enroll in a crime prevention program


When in an uncomfortable situation, always trust your instincts. If necessary, defend yourself to the best of your ability. When presented with an avenue of escape, run away to a safe place where people are present to assist you. Near campus, safe places include residence halls, restaurants, businesses and the Georgia State University Police Department, which is open 24 hours a day.

Use non-verbal self defense

  • In an uncomfortable situation, be assertive.
  • Maintain eye contact with those who may attempt to confront you and do not let yourself get distracted.
  • Maintain a confident physical demeanor.
  • Maintain a physical distance of at least six feet from strangers.

Use verbal self defense

  • Do not be afraid to tell someone to get out of your personal space.
  • If necessary, yell to attract the attention of those nearby.
  • Use direct commands, such as “Get back!”, “Leave me alone!” or “Let me go!”

Protect yourself during robberies

  • If someone demands your property, give it to him or her. Do not resist. Maintaining your personal safety is more important than your backpack or cell phone.
  • If someone claims to have a weapon, believe him or her and surrender your property.
  • Throw your property in one direction and run away in the opposite direction to a safer place
  • While running, attract attention by yelling.
  • If your assailant targets you instead of your property, remain calm and breathe. Think of your planned response, defend yourself and escape.