Minors on Campus


Program Directors:

Read this.

“Programs Serving Non-Student Minors” Policy

Minors on Campus Policy Frequently Asked Questions

GSU Atrial Defibrilator Locations

Complete this checklist to verify that you are in compliance with the policy.

Program Checklist

All incidents must be reported to Elizabeth Barrett, Director, Safety & Risk Management within 24 hours; ebarrett7@gsu.edu, office:  (404) 413-9548.  The Code of Conduct is to be reviewed and signed by each staff member and volunteer.

The 3 forms below are to be filled out by the parents or guardians of the minors enrolled in the program.

Medical Form

Pickup Authorization Form

Participation Agreement and Waiver

DECAL Exemption Certificate

Decal ExemptionCertificate_Atlanta Campus

Decal Exemption Certificate_Clarkston Campus

It is also required that employees all organizations serving non-student minors complete an online “Recognizing and Reporting Suspected Child Abuse” training module. (Permalink) (Note: this Permalink training link is for GSU Sponsored Programs only, not host programs).  You can also report suspected child abuse at 1-855-GA-CHILD (422-2253).

Training Programs

Training dates for Sponsored Programs are: 10/10/18 at 2pm and 10/18/18 at 11 am

Training date for Hosted Program is 10/23/18 at 10 am.

All training sessions will be held at Office of Legal Affairs, Centennial Hall, Room 318.

Minors on Campus Training Registration Form