Off Campus Trips

Preventing Losses While On Off Campus Trips

1. Use the Quotation Request for Student Insurance form to insure all trip participants.  Please download and submit the form before your trip.

2. Anyone driving a 15-passenger  van should attend the “Van Driver Safety Program.” This course is certified by the National Safety Council and is taught by Kevin Chappell, Certified Driving Trainer. If your driver has not taken this course, please contact Kevin Chappell ( to register for the next course.

3. Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check should be performed on the driver. This is done through the State of Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles.

4. When renting a vehicle, you will need to make collisions choices. When renting under the state contract, you will need to select Loss Damage Waiver (Collision). If you rent a van through a car rental vendor, the collision automatically comes with the rental.

5. Liability coverage is provided by the State of Georgia at the time of the rental. Proof of insurance can be provided for auto liability. The Department of Safety & Risk management will get the certificate of insurance for you to present to the leasing company. To request the certificate, complete and submit the Request for Certificate of Insurance form.

6. All Georgia State University equipment that is taken on the off-campus trip should be listed as Transient State Property. This line of insurance assures there is coverage if the item is lost or stolen while away from the campus. Transient State Property can be accounted for via the DSRM website. Once there, go to Forms, select and complete the Removal of GSU Property From Campus form.

7. When you return from the trip with equipment, return to the DSRM website, go to Forms, select and complete the Returning GSU Property To Campus form.

8. Also, if you are hosting an event at a venue that requires proof of insurance, complete and submit the Request for Certificate of Insurance form.