Reporting Procedure for Incidents of Vandalism

1. Contact GSU police at 404/413-3333 or via call box to report the incident.  Provide a list of all equipment or items damaged or stolen. If additional items are reported missing after the initial report has been made, contact the GSU Police Department to file a supplemental report. Provide the initial GSU case number.

2. If there are signs of forced entry, please be sure you have included this in the police report.

3. If doors or windows have been damaged in the break-in, secure the area.

4. Contact the Department of Safety & Risk Management (DSRM) to report the loss at (404) 413-9546 or via email

5. Once the loss has been reported to DSRM, a claim will be reported to the Department of Auxiliary Services.

6. Documents needed to file claim: police report, invoice for temporary repairs, invoice/estimate for final repairs, estimate of damaged items.

For GSU Employees Only

Property Damage Report Form

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