The Patrol Bureau provides a variety of protective and security services designed for the preservation of life and personal safety of the university community and the protection of personal and university property. The bureau works to prevent crime through aggressive community-oriented policing and visible patrol methods.

The Patrol Division has a Lieutenant, two Sergeants and at least 10 to 15 officers for each shift. Officers patrol by vehicle, bike and foot.

Bike Patrol

The Police Department started the Bike Patrol Unit more than 15 years ago. It has 21 officers assigned to the unit. Bike patrols by uniform officers enhance community engagement and are very popular with members of the university community, which finds bike patrol officers are more approachable and easier to talk with than officers in vehicles.

A very welcomed and unpredictable advantage of bike patrol is that it enables officers to experience community policing in its ideal state. Officers are able to interact with bike patrol officers from Atlanta Police, MARTA Police, Georgia Building Authority and the Centennial Park Bike Patrol Police. The bike program has become one of the best community-oriented policing tools being used today.