Key Control

The President, Provost, Vice Presidents, Deans and Department Heads are authorized to grant access to facilities within their areas of responsibility that are designated level 1, “General Access.” Department Heads and above may grant access to areas assigned security levels 2 through 5, only when those areas are under their direct control.

Approval of Access Request

The President, Provost,Vice Presidents, Deans, Department Heads and Department Chairs shall designate persons to authorize access to buildings. The persons authorized to grant access or issue keys shall sign the Authorization form(s) granting access or issuing keys to individuals. Access is granted only on the basis of a proven need to have access. The Authorized Signature forms shall be kept in the Key Control/Access office and the signatures will be checked with the signature on the Key/Access issue cards when presented at the Key Control/Access office. The Vice President for Finance and Administration or the Chief of Police may deny access to any individual that has proven himself/herself to be untrustworthy in their relationship, as it relates to the security of the Georgia State University Campus.

An email must be sent by authorized personnel to Key Control at . Persons needing keys/access must come to the Key Control/Access office with their Panther Card or photo identification to pick up physical key, access will be granted electronically.

Each email will be verified by the Key Control office personnel prior to the issuance of keys or granting access.

Once the form has been verified, the key will be issued or access will be granted within two (2) business days.

Lost Key Policy

In the event that a key is lost, a fee will be charged to the key holders for keys not returned that were issued after July 1, 2011. Keys issued prior to July 1, 2011 are also subject to charges based on the type of key that was issued. During the clearance process when an employee leaves the University, a representative from Key Control will need to indicate that the employee has no outstanding obligations. If an employee does not complete the clearance process, any regular pay and vacation pay that is due the employee, may be delayed. This adheres to the university’s clearance policy.


Door Key: $15
Door Hardware (cylinder) & Key: $35
Master Key: $35/door

Authorized Signature Form