Frequently Asked Questions

Risk Management

Am I covered for accidents or injuries in my personal vehicle?

If you are doing your official duties at the time of the accident you are covered under the GA Tort Claims Act.

If I’m in my personal vehicle conducting state business, will you pay for the damage to my vehicle?


How do I file an Auto Accident claim?

Call 1-877-656-7475, and select option #1. When the representative answers, advise them that you are reporting an auto accident claim, and complete the GSU Auto Incident/ Accident Report form, which can be found here.

Am I covered in a rental vehicle?

Yes, but only when doing the business of the state.

Does the state carry medical payments or uninsured/ under-insured motorist coverage?

No. We provide Liability Coverage to state employees driving on state business and in the course and scope of their employment.

Can subcontractors drive a state vehicle?

We provide no coverage for subcontractors.

May I rent a vehicle for GSU business?

The State contracts with Enterprise for local travel, and Hertz for out of state travel.  GSU renter does not have to purchase the damage liability waiver because it is included in the State’s contract with these rental companies.  If you rent with a company outside of Enterprise and Hertz, the GSU renter/department is responsible for the entire cost of the rental, including insurance, as well as damages resulting from the rental.  The State will not pay.

My department is holding an event at an off-campus facility. How do I purchase insurance for the event?

Contact Safety and Risk management at (404) 413-9546 to request a Certificate of Insurance (Proof of Liability).

Are volunteers covered for liability when participating in GSU programs?

Yes. If a volunteer is registered as part of a Structured Volunteer Program that has been approved by the appropriate director or faculty member at GSU. Form are available from the Office of Legal Affairs.

Worker’s Compensation

I was hurt at work. How do I report this and get medical care?

Follow this link to lead you to the Workers Compensation page on the GSU Safety and Risk Management website. The blue box contains the claims form packet. Fill out the claims form, scan and send to the department’s Worker’s Comp administrator, Michael Morris, at mmorris46@gsu.edu, or the Occupation Health and Safety Officer, Kit Ramdeen, at jramdeen@gsu.edu. For help filling out the forms, call Michael at 404-413-9549.

Who is covered under Worker’s Compensation?

Any person employed by Georgia State University is covered if they are injured in the scope of performing duties on behalf of GSU. This includes student assistants and graduate assistants if injured while on the clock; post-docs and visiting researchers; faculty and staff.

My Worker’s Comp doctor told me I cannot work right now. Do I have to use all my accrued sick and vacation time?

If you are out of work due to a work-related injury, you have two choices on how to get paid. You may use your sick and vacation time (accrued leave), thereby receiving your regular salary. If you are out for 7 days or longer, you may choose WC indemnity pay benefit, which is 2/3 of your salary (up to a cap of $525 per week) as long as you are out of work. If this reduced pay check is a hardship, you may exhaust your accrued leave first then take your WC pay benefit. If you are out fewer than 7 days, the WC pay benefit is not an option, and you must use your accrued time, or take unpaid leave.