Emergency Notification Procedures

Emergency Notification System. In the event of an emergency or crisis abroad (to include severe injury or death) of an employee, contact University Police. If it is not during office hours, the call should be directed to the University Police at 404-413-3333. This number is answered 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. All known information about the emergency should be given, together with contact information for the injured employee or their representative.

University Police will then contact the Assistant Vice President  (AVP) for Department/ Dean of the College, the Chief of University Police and University Relations 404-413-3494 or 404-413-1351. The Crisis Coordinator (Asst. Vice President or Dean of College) or Alternate Crisis Coordinator (Director of Emergency Management l)  will determine if circumstances merit contacting the President and the Provost.

Emergency Contacts:

AVP or Dean, Crisis Coordinator

Ryan Rathmann, Director, Study Abroad Crisis Coordinator, 404-413-2335, cell 530-708-0154

Keith Sumas, Director of Emergency Management, Alternate Crisis Coordinator 404-413-0783, cell 678-618-2940

Mark Becker, President

Risa Palm, Provost

Joseph Spillane, Chief of Police

Department Chair /Immediate Supervisor

Dr. Volkan Topalli/Associate Provost for International Initiatives 404-413-2536

Don Hale, Vice President, Public Relations  404-413-3494, cell 512-657-9896

Andrea Jones, AVP, Public Relations   404-413-1351, cell 404-518-3181

Elizabeth Barrett, Director, Safety and Risk Management  404-413-9548

Kerry Heyward   University Attorney, Legal Affairs

Jeannie Barrett     Associate Legal Advisor, Legal Affairs

Carlton Mullis       Director, University Police

Angelia Jennings   Communications Manager, University Police

Crisis Protocol:

  1. University Police contacts Crisis Coordinator  and Alternate Crisis Coordinator, Chief of University  Police and University Public Relations.
  2. Crisis Coordinator will contact President, Provost, Department Chair/Immediate Supervisor
  3. Alternate Crisis Coordinator will contact University Attorney and Risk Management
  4. University Public Relations will handle all communication (internal, external, media, etc) for the University.
  5. The Crisis Coordinator will be in continuous contact with University Public Relations until crisis is resolved.