Pandemic Flu

Georgia State University

Pandemic Flu Emergency Plan

Georgia State University has developed comprehensive plans for protecting the safety and well-being of our students, staff and faculty in the event of a potential pandemic influenza outbreak. As part of this process, a special Pandemic Influenza Task Force has developed the following response plan designed to:

• Handle emergency situations

• Reduce Georgia State ’s vulnerability to pandemic influenza

• Establish and identify capabilities and responsibilities during such a crisis

• Respond effectively and efficiently

The Pandemic Flu Emergency Plan will be adapted based on policy and direction from the Georgia Board of Regents and other state and federal authorities and to meet specific needs identified during an actual event. The following Pandemic Influenza Action Phases will be utilized in all subordinate departmental or collegiate annex plans:

Phase Definitions

Phase I – Normal Conditions

Phase II – Confirmed cases in US wildlife or human-to-human transmission outside U.S.

Phase III – Confirmed cases of human-to-human transmission inside U.S.

Phase IV – Confirmed cases of human-to-human transmission in Georgia

Phase V – Suspected or confirmed case of pandemic influenza in Fulton County

Phase VI – Suspected or confirmed case on campus

Post-Event – Pandemic aftermath and recovery

Visit the CDC Website for more information: CDC Website