Hazardous Materials

If you witness a hazardous material spill, evacuate the spill site and warn others to stay away. Call University Police at (404) 413-3333 if you believe the spill may be life threatening. If you can determine that the spill is not life threatening, follow the procedures outlined below.

If You Spill A Hazardous Material or Materials:

  • Leave the area of the spill first and proceed to a safe location nearby. Then assess if you have the proper training and protective gear to clean up the spill.
  • If you are able to clean up the spill, follow proper cleanup procedures and use proper personal protection. Manage the generated waste as appropriate. Consult your supervisor if necessary.
  • Isolate the spill area to keep everyone away, and post signs as necessary.
  • Call University Police at (404) 413-3333. University Police will call the Office of Research Integrity (ORI).

If you suspect or witness a release of a hazardous material to the environment (air, water, ground) call University Police at (404) 413-3333. University Police will contact the Office of Research Integrity (ORI). Appropriate agencies will be notified if the situation cannot be handled with internal capabilities or if the situation poses a threat to life safety.