Criminal Activity

Criminal Activity / Unauthorized Person in the Building

  • Call (404) 413-3333 or 404-413-2100  for the University Police
  • Relay any descriptive information about the intruder to the Police Dispatcher (physical, clothing, and vehicle description)
  • Make sure the hallways and common areas are clear of students and staff
  • Put a safe distance or barrier between yourself and the perpetrator —be prepared to seek protection in a nearby room or evacuate (if it is safe to do so) if the intruder/suspicious person approaches and is visibly armed with a weapon
  • Monitor the location of the intruder/suspicious person, if monitoring can done safely, and report his/her location to the University Police
  • Initiate a building lock-down as necessary
  • Inform all students and staff through your phone tree to stay in their offices or classrooms and lock the door (as applicable)
  • Use an emergency communication system (i.e., intercom, handheld radio, call button, etc.)
  • Notify all personnel to resume normal activities once the situation is resolved