Emergency Notifications

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) utilizes several communication mediums to relay information to faculty, staff, students, and the general public. Notifications may go out through Mass Notification via Panther Alert; the outdoor public announcement (PA) system; university website postings; phone trees and Campus email; and/or the university police vehicles PA system.

Mass Notification via Panther Alert

Mass notification via Panther Alert is designed to send email, text and phone messages to a large audience in a rapid manner. This system is most effective during an emergency when all faculty, staff and students are loaded into the system. While this system is effective for ‘initial alerts’, it is not designed to distribute multiple messages and allow for detailed situational awareness.

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Please be aware that redundant communications measures are needed to supplement this system.

This system will be tested once every semester.

Desktop Notifications

As part of the Panther Alert System, Georgia State University has implemented several services including a desktop alert. In an emergency situation, an alert will broadcast a pop-up message to all enrolled workstations.

Information about Desktop Alerts can be found at http://technology.gsu.edu/alertus/

University Website Posting

A web-based application that allows the GSU to broadcast an emergency alert banner on the University homepage and may act as a hyper-link to a secure Emergency Broadcast Message web-page. In the event of a significant emergency, this capability is the primary means to effectively communicate with the local community and concerned personnel. With this web-based application, the University will be able to post emergency messages and provide updates in a timely and efficient manner.

GSU Home Page 

Outdoor Public Announcement (PA)/Tornado Siren Speaker System

This system allows OEM to notify University personnel of a sudden emergency or incident that threatens life safety while they are in transit throughout the campus. This system has a severe weather warning horn/siren and voice capability and can be activated remotely through command modules currently installed in the Police Communications Center and OEM. There are a total of six speaker arrays throughout the downtown campus.

This system will be tested once every semester.

Indoor (Remote Activated) Building Public Address System

This system allow GSUPD or OEM to remotely activate select buildings’ Public Address Systems throughout campus (all building or floor specific) and provide detailed information and emergency response guidance to the building occupants. This system(s) is tested once every semester.

Police Vehicle Public Address (PA) System

Select police vehicles are outfitted with loud speaker systems that could be utilized in localized emergencies and to disseminate location or event specific information.