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The Georgia State University Police Department provides law enforcement, security and safety services to the university community and the immediate surrounding areas, ensuring a safe environment for our students, faculty and neighbors. Georgia State boasts one of the largest university police forces in the state, with 70 officers downtown and 117 officers across all six metro Atlanta campuses.

The department offers a variety of services, including crime prevention, emergency management, key control and safety escorts. Campus police also partner with Atlanta Police Department (APD) officers to patrol Georgia State’s downtown campus and respond to emergencies.

The university is investing in strategic partnerships with APD and other agencies to promote greater awareness and security and has one of the lowest reported crime rates among college campuses in Georgia.

Strengthening Campus Security

Responding to crime incidents in recent months, Georgia State has:

  • Doubled the number of police officers on each shift patrolling campus.
  • Installed additional security cameras on campus.

Emergency Alerts

When an immediate life-threatening event or weather situation occurs, the Panther Alert system will trigger alerts through a variety of communications channels, including email, text, phone calls and social media posts. The university also sends text messages about crime incidents that affect the university community, such as armed robberies, shootings or assaults. The text option is opt-in, and we encourage all community members to sign up for alerts.

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Crime Notices

When an incident of violent crime occurs on campus, such as an armed robbery or assault, the university will activate a timely email notice to Georgia State’s students, faculty and staff. These crime reports contain a description of the incident, including the date, time and location of the incident and precautions to take. The university will also provide updates on social media.

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Safety Feedback

We appreciate you taking the time to help us ensure the safety and security of our university. We are carefully reviewing your submission and will be sharing it with leadership and the police.

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