About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Georgia State University Police Department is to ensure a safe campus and community environment by providing safety services through professional community oriented policing. Maintain visible and accessible protection to the campus and business community to achieve the goals of the Georgia State University Police Department through visibility, service and security.

Georgia State University Police Department is the largest Campus Law Enforcement Agency in Georgia. Georgia State University Police Department is composed of more than 67 state-certified police officers, 35 full-time security guards, 15 part-time security guards, 10 communication dispatchers and eight supporting staff members. Georgia State University Police Department operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

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Our Role

Georgia State University is an academic and research community located in the center of downtown Atlanta, comprised of more than 40,000 students, 2,700 full time faculty and staff, and 4,500 student assistants, temporary and part time employees. About 89% of the students commute to classes and approximately 4,100 students live in University Housing located on campus within walking distance of classrooms.

The Police Department serves as a part of the University in support of the University’s teaching and research mission. The Police Department’s responsibility is to provide a safe environment for the University community to effectively and efficiently accomplish the University’s mission. The Police Department’s function is to provide law enforcement, security, and safety services to the University community and the immediate surrounding communities directly affecting the activities of the University.

The University community is made up of a diverse racial, social, cultural, and socioeconomic society. The surrounding community is also a very diverse society. The Police Department will provide professional services to all people regardless of their race, sex, religious practices and beliefs, culture, socioeconomic status.