International Travel FAQ’s

1. Am I covered under the State of Georgia Workers’ Compensation Policy if I get injured overseas?

Yes. GSU employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation if they become ill or get injured while travelling abroad on GSU business.

2. Does Workers’ Compensation cover spouse/dependents are travelling with me abroad?

No. Workers’ Compensation coverage does not cover the spouse or the dependents of a GSU employee if they sustain an injury/accident overseas.

3. Is Emergency Evacuation available for all employees who travel internationally?

No. Emergency Evacuation is not available unless the faculty, staff or student enrolls under the HTH Worldwide Insurance which GSU is a member.

4. Is Repatriation covered under Workers’ Compensation?

Repatriation of the remains is available as a Workers’ Compensation benefit only if it is determined the employee was abroad on University business. Repatriation is also available under the HTH Insurance.

5. Am I eligible to enroll under the HTH Worldwide Insurance while travelling to a country of which I am a citizen?

No. You cannot enroll in the HTH Worldwide Insurance for a country where you are a citizen.

6. How can I enroll in the HTH Worldwide Insurance?

Go to  and enter GJB-16628 in the field on the right labeled “Enter your group access code below”.

7. What is the cost to enroll in the HTH Worldwide Insurance?

The insurance costs $9.36 per week. Please make sure that your coverage starts from the day you get on the plane to the day you arrive back in Atlanta, GA.

8. Should I wait for preapproval/authorization before I get treatment in case of a Worker’s Compensation case?

No. You should seek immediate medical treatment overseas and directly report your injury/accident to your supervisor/program director.

9. How can I/my supervisor report an Accident/Injury that happened overseas?

Go to and click on “International Worker’s Compensation First Report of Injury” and submit a completed form via online.

10. If I received appropriate treatment for the injury abroad do I need to see a Physician in the United States?

An accident/injury that is sustained and treated overseas might need to be verified by a medical professional in the United States due to the variable medical/legal/Insurance/HR standards.

11. Who will pay my medical expenses overseas if it is a Workers’ Compensation case?

You can use your HTH insurance if you have the coverage. In some countries, medical facilities operate on a cash account basis; i.e. they do not accept insurance. In that case, you might have to pay out of pocket for your treatment overseas and get reimbursed later from DOAS (Department of Administrative Services, GSU’s WC insurance provider).

12. Do I need to report a Workers’ Compensation Claim when I return to GA if I have utilized my HTH Worldwide Insurance to seek treatment overseas?

Yes. You must file a Workers’ Compensation claim even if you have utilized your HTH Worldwide Insurance to seek treatment overseas. You might have to undergo rehabilitation (e.g.; Physical Therapy) and/or surgical procedures in the United States. Workers’ Compensation would not cover those expenses unless a WC claim has been filed.

13. Whom do I contact if I have any question regarding Workers’ Compensation Eligibility?

Department of Safety & Risk Management
Phone: (404) 413-9545
FAX: (404) 413-9550